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The german pinscher Ursus von den Haflingern

The Champ leaves the show scene

Ursus is no longer available for breeding.

The DOK eye examination resulted in a not-free statement, although the chief examiner said that most likely his sight will be never influenced. More (german)...

Ursus is a male German Pinscher. He was born on April, 4th 2004 - a date which is really easy to remember ;-)

When he was a puppy, he enjoyed to discover his surroundings. Ursus is friendly to men and his conspecifics. He is always observant and interested in his surroundings. Ursus is not a barker - he mentions only things worth to mention. We can take him anywhere and he easily finds new friends due to his friendly character. Even people who say that they do not like pinschers, say that they like Ursus. He does not make big demands to his surroundings - the main thing is, that master or mistress is there. During the day Ursus stays with his master in the office and colleagues miss Ursus, when he is not there.

Ursus us a typical, beautiful, friendly and free representative of its race.

Important prosperities:

Companion dog trial, character test

International beauty champion (FCI) and many more titles