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Ursus' Offspring

A litter "vom Rittmeister"

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On February 12th, 2007 Ursus' offspring saw the light of the world. Three males and four females are the A litter "vom Rittmeister" - all black and red.

Covering on 15.12.2006,
Litter date 12.02.2007,
7 puppies, all black & red - 4 female, 3 male
All of them Dilute DD (father and mother DD)


A-Jay vom Rittmeister


Anton (Toni) vom Rittmeister

Anton 07-04-15_01.jpg

"Toni" lives in Bergheim near Cologne (Köln) and regularly visits the puppy school of PSK OG Köln.

Aragon (Oskar) vom Rittmeister

Photo Hosting at imageloop.com Photo Hosting at imageloop.com Aragon-Oskar-07-04-16_04 Aragon-Oskar-07-04-16_04

"Oskar" lives near Aachen.

September 2007 - CACIB Luxemburg - puppy class - VV - best puppy
October 2007 - CAC Dortmund - puppy class - VV

Ailine (Sheila) vom Rittmeister


Akita vom Rittmeister

Akita 07-04-15_03.jpg Akita 07-06-03_03.jpg

Aluna vom Rittmeister

Aluna 07-04-16_03.jpg

Anis (Lucy) vom Rittmeister

Anis, alias Lucy 07-04-15_04.jpg


Marion Schillo, Am Sandweiher 1, 66849 Landstuhl, Germany, +49/6371/130161
Website vom-rittmeister.de


Ginger von der Rheinebene
Father: Basco vom Dörnle (Natif de la Barque de L'Esprit, Balou vom Rottenbuch)
Mother: Opium de la Capelliere (H'Memphis de la Capelliére, Ity de la Capelliere)
Date of birth: 19.02.2004
Pedigree # VDH04DP 03000419
HD A1, Dilute DD

The puppies

  1. 1.45 a.m., female, 296 g
  2. 2.00 a.m., male, 278 g
  3. 2.30 a.m., male, 256 g
  4. 3.40 a.m., female, 192 g
  5. 4.00 a.m., female, 256 g
  6. 4.25 a.m., male, 288 g
  7. 5.00 a.m., female, 270 g


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The puppies:

Ginger von der Rheinebene:
Ginger von der Rheinebene   Ginger von der Rheinebene

Ultrasonic pictures:
Ultraschall 06.01.2007 Ultraschall 06.01.2007